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Alcatech.BPM.Studio.Pro.4.91-H2O for sale Alcatech.BPM.Studio.Pro.4.91-H2O serial keyQ: How can I validate the following regular expression? I am trying to validate the following regular expression for Regex.IsMatch() ^(?:1)$ Example: 1 abc Should be valid. 2 abc cba Should be valid. Should not be valid Any ideas? A: Assuming your input is of type string, you can use the following regular expression: ^1+$ Test with following snippet: Regex regex = new Regex("^1+$"); var valid = regex.IsMatch("1"); var invalid = regex.IsMatch("ab"); var notMatch = regex.IsMatch("2"); var notValid = regex.IsMatch("abc"); Output: valid : false invalid : true notMatch : false notValid : true Explanation: ^ Asserts that we are at the start of the string. $ Asserts that we are at the end of the string. 1+ Matches one or more occurrences of the character 1. $ Asserts that we are at the end of the string. Note: This regular expression also works for null input. 'use strict'; module.exports.definition = { set: function (v) { this._setProperty('-webkit-page-break-after', v); }, get: function () { return this.getPropertyValue('-webkit-page-break-after'); }, enumerable: true, configurable: true }; Three new statues of Colin Kaepernick, Terrell Owens and Carlos Santana, along with a statue of a famous Native American activist and a tombstone memorializing a young boy who was killed by a police officer have been unveiled in the Bay Area city of Richmond. ac619d1d87

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